About Us

Rhombus Castors (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd is a manufacturing plant of more than 30 years located at the northern region of Malaysia since 1988. Rhombus is a German brand with more than 100 years since 1899. We are the sole main manufacturing company for Rhombus worldwide. we are also sales channel for Asia Pacific markets. We have Production, Quality assurance, R&D, Sales, Supply chain competence and Warehousing facilities. Since April 2009, Rhombus has joined the Colson group USA, the premier manufacturer of castors and wheels in the world. The Colson Group is made up of 21 distinct castor companies located in 16 countries around the world with the proud honor of being the largest castor manufacturer globally. Rhombus under Colson, offers a wide range of castors in different industries such as for Furniture, Apparatus, Medical, Transport and Heavy Duty.
Established in 1988, RHOMBUS is one of the leading manufacturers in designing, engineering and manufacturing of casters, wheels and OEM carts that are vital to the material handling industry, F&B industry, and the manufacturing of medical equipment, display racks, roll containers and more.

As a full-line material handling manufacturer that offers over 10,000 types of products, RHOMBUS provides an extensive range of casters and wheels for almost every application in various industries with 90% of casters being RoHS & REACH compliant industry applications.

Who We Are

State-of-the-art Facilities

Since 1988, we have produced countless excellent products in our modern, state-of-the-art manufacturing, engineering and testing facilities in Malaysia. As a recipient of ISO 9001:2015, RHOMBUS is committed to drawing the best resources to create products of high craftsmanship and durability at competitive prices.
In order to provide 360° timely services to our customers in Southeast Asia, RHOMBUS is passionate about assisting its customers in creating a competitive advantage by providing the best value of integrated international programs, in aspects of engineering, testing, OEM designing, and distribution services covering shipping points for factory direct customers in Asia.

We at RHOMBUS are committed to meeting your requirements and needs for casters & wheels, material handling OEM, and more.

Let us help you get the right products that come with the best value!

360° Timely Services



To produce quality castors at affordable prices.


To satisfy every customer’s need and requirement.


To provide a conducive environment for employees to foster teamwork and contribute to growth.

ISO & Certification

We go above and beyond our clients expectations and satisfactions, which is why we are trusted and certified by these parties.