Our Product Range

Focus Industries

Castors from RHOMBUS is ready to support for various industries and applications.
Medical Castors
for Hospital Medical Bed & Furniture.
Machine Business Castors
for Machine & Raking systems.
Heavy Duty Castors
for the Automotive & Marine industries.
Waste Bin Castors
for Government Environment industry.
for Furniture Manufacturing industry.
for Industrial, Cart and Trolley industries.

Our Strengths


Loyalty stands for commitment and dedication to one another allowing respect and trust to flourish.


Reliability is a measure of how much effect each component has on the overall reliability of the system.


Efficiency is an important attribute because all inputs are scarce.


Our commitment to you does not end with the decision!

Global Locations

world map
Colson Group Canada - Quebec Service and Distribution

Revvo - US Headquarters

Colson Group Canada Headquarters
Colson Group Canada - Ontario Service and Distribution
Albion, MI Production Facility
St. Joseph, MI Distribution Center
Corporate Headquarters
Monette, AR Injection Molding Faciltiy
Jonesboro, AR Production Facility
Colson Group Canada - British Columbia Service and Distribution
Chino, CA Service and Distribution
Colson Mexico Headquarters
Imsa Headquarters
Colson do Brasil Headquarters
Colson Castors United Kingdom Headquarters
Rhombus France Service and Distribution
Colson Europe B.V. Belgium Service and Distribution
Colson Europe B.V. Headquarters
Rhombus Rollen Headquarters
Colson Poland Headquarters
Logic Wheels Headquarters
Colson China Production
Colson Group China Headquarters
Rhombus Castors Malaysia Service and Distribution
Rhombus Castors Australia